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Terence P Byrnes

Terence P Byrnes

Terence (Terry) Byrnes is qualified as both a Chartered Architect and specialist Urban Planner, he is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architecture and the Planning Institute of Australia.

In Australia he began practise as an architect and then obtained his Masters Degree in Urban Planning from Yale University in 1968 later working as principal planner for the State Capital of Hartford, Connecticut. From America he moved to Hong Kong having been invited to establish the first course in Urban Planning within the School of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. He returned to Australia in 1972 where he co‑founded a successful consultancy practise, the largest in Sydney at the time. Since 1993 he has been the managing director of Byrnes & Associates, specialising in comprehensive management of the development approval and urban design process.

Recognition of his expertise is manifested through consultancy engagements for more than 30 years: having been engaged to advise in the areas of pre‑development assessment; statutory planning interpretations and satisfying urban integration, and strategic planning management advice on all manner of complex, large scale and diverse developments. These range over such matters as diverse as the Sydney Opera House; the M7 Expressway; major shopping centres; central city office building proposals and a Taoist Temple.

With a reputation for objectivity, Terry Byrnes is respected as an articulate Expert Witness before the Courts, acting for private interests and local governments alike.

Involvement in a diverse range of professional activities has served to emphasise the breadth of his skills available to assist in the resolution of matters of planning complexity: including his appointment as architectural design awards adjudicator on behalf of the Institute of Architects; fulfilling numerous roles in the course of sustained professional Institute activities; lecturing at university level; and he is the author of various papers and publications delivered at local and international conferences. An example being a recent invitation to speak at an international UNESCO sponsored conference in Vienna. Temporary Government appointments have otherwise included Commissioner advising the Minister of Planning and also as assistant to the Independent Commission Against Corruption in its investigations into a particular local government's planning procedures.

Voluntary services include being the immediate past president on the Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development. Terry Byrnes is also a member of AusHeritage, founded in 1996 in Canberra, a network of heritage institutions and practitioners dedicated to the promulgation of the values of cultural heritage and operating worldwide. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Sydney University Planning Research Centre and previously Vice President of the Environmental Planning Law Association of New South Wales. As a member of the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel for Warringah Council his objectivity, professional experience and mature judgemental skills have been publicly recognised.

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