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Byrnes & Associates incorporated in July 1992, continues to maintain the same high professional standards under the leadership of its founding director Terence Byrnes. Previously he was director of Sydney’s then largest professional consultancy in urban planning which he co-founded in 1973.

Based upon extensive exposure to the legal aspects of planning, the interpretation and application of planning instruments and the drafting of the Development Control Plans, the company is regularly called upon to advise clients in the formulation of their projects. The skills of Byrnes & Associates are consistently engaged by both private enterprise and local governments, both sectors recognise the company’s reputation for objectivity and integrity, sustained throughout the many years of practise and challenge.

Engagements as consultants are regularly sought both in anticipation of development conflicts and where conflicts have arisen and may require resolution, either in or out of Court. As a result, considerable capacities have been developed for negotiation and public consultation including a constant demand for appearance as a specialist witness before Courts, Commissions and Tribunals.

Byrnes & Associates also fulfils a project management role when a project demands the multiple services of various divergent professions throughout the development application and approval phase of the work: thereby ensuring an efficient, co-ordinated and comprehensive planning approach, particularly when the timing is critical to the outcome.  

Byrnes & Associates has a well established legacy in both architectural and urban planning skills and specialises in the areas of comprehensive strategic and master planning management as well as urban design and development assessment. Byrnes & Associate’s experience in the field of urban design is extensive, particularly consulting services to other architects in relation to their own work. Clients range from the Sydney Opera House to developments in association with major heritage buildings such as the Sydney GPO. Likewise there is continuous demand for services involving urban design assessment of applications requiring approval from consent authorities including the courts.

The co-ordinating and management role of Byrnes & Associates is often then expanded to meet the particular capacities demanded by a divergent range of projects. Such work ranges widely to embrace patronage assessment for the Sydney Orbital Toll Road, Sydney’s largest public works project ever undertaken and also includes inner city high-rise commercial offices and apartments and major industrial estates, tourist related developments and land subdivision.

Demand for services is sustained by the concentration of work in Sydney and the State region but is by no means limited to Australia. Professional experience overseas includes China, Hong Kong, USA and Iran. For over thirty years there has been a sustained professional interest and constant exposure to countries surrounding the Pacific Rim and Asia in particular.

Byrnes & Associates Pty Ltd

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